Treating complicated fractures of the foot and ankle, hand and wrist is common at Pittsburgh foot and hand Center.  We do not treat acute multiple trauma patients, like most private orthopedic practices.  However, we do receive a large number of referrals from other orthopaedic surgeons for patients with difficult fractures after their initial stabilization.  Our general approach is accurate and rigid fixation, followed by early mobilization and  comprehensive therapy.  Dr. Bowman received additional specialized training in fracture care by AO, the Swiss organization that pioneered modern fracture treatment.  This included basic and advanced techniques as well as specialized training in hand and foot fractures. Dr. Bowman has also served on the faculty for several courses to teach fracture care to other orthopaedic surgeons and OR personnel.  Below is a list of some of the fractures treated at Pittsburgh Foot and Hand Center.

  • radius/ulna

  • Wrist

  • Scaphoid

  • Metacarpal

  • finger

  • ankle

  • Calcaneus

  • Talus

  • Navicular

  • Metatarsal

  • toe