At Pittsburgh Foot and Hand Center, we treat a wide variety of orthopaedic problems involving the elbow, wrist, hand, foot and ankle. This ranges from congenital disorders in young patients to arthritis; from sports injuries to work related injuries.  In each case we offer a comprehensive approach to treatment, which includes nonoperative treatment such as established and cutting edge therapy protocols developed by Dr. Bowman, custom orthotic management and a conservative approach to both hand and foot problems.  We also employ state of the art surgical techniques, including some innovative surgical techniques developed by Dr. Bowman. 23 years of experience has allowed us to develop proven effective postoperative protocols that have helped achieved superior results. We are experienced in dealing with some of the most complicated hand and foot problems as well as the simplest conditions.  Approximately a third of our patients are referred to us by other orthopaedic surgeons or other specialists. In each case we work hard to arrive at a correct diagnosis, thoroughly educate our patients about their problem and the variety of available options.