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What To Expect During Your Visit at Pittsburgh Foot and Hand Center

  • Upon Arrival: After verifying your health insurance information and verifying or entering your patient health history information, we will confirm receiving or ask you to sign the required Personal Health History Form and Privacy Form. (These forms may be completed prior to your visit as well.)
  • Possible Initial Testing: In accordance with protocols developed by Dr. Bowman, we may take x-rays of your hand or foot, specifically if none have been taken prior to your visit or if your imaging studies are outdated or difficult to read.
  • Preparing for Your Exam. After initial imaging testing, you will be placed in a patient treatment room. For hand problems you may sit in a chair next to the hand examination table. For foot and ankle problems we will ask you to remove your sock and shoes on the affected side(s) of your body.
  • Your Exam. During your exam you will meet with Dr. Bowman. He will review your health history (i.e. the history regarding your particular orthopaedic problem) and conduct an examination. He will also review any imaging studies, including x-rays and other laboratory studies or reports.
  • Your Diagnosis. Following your exam, Dr. Bowman will discuss his findings and orthopaedic diagnosis with you. He will present and explain your choices regarding treatment options. Know that he will try to fully educate you on the nature of your problem and your choices for treatment. He will also answer any questions that you may have.
  • Your Treatment and Next Steps. Any treatments that can be performed in the office, such as injection or cast/splint, will be completed during your initial visit. If additional studies, such as a CT scan or MRI, are needed to help complete the diagnosis, our staff will assist you in scheduling these. (Note that Dr. Bowman prefers to review imaging studies such as CT scan, MRIs or bone scans with you directly at the next office visit in order to also re-examine you and provide the most expert opinion.)If surgery is required, Dr. Bowman and Kristin will discuss this with you and start the scheduling and preoperative process. Upon leaving our office, you will be given all of your prescriptions for medications, testing or orthotics. Any follow-up appointments will be scheduled at that time. We will then contact you by phone or through your Patient Portal with critical laboratory results, as well as with any recommendations should you need updated medications moving forward.