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At Pittsburgh Foot and Hand Center, we are committed to treating and using personal health information about you responsibly and efficiently. In 2006 we implemented a comprehensive electronic medical records system that allows us to safely store your medical records in password protected files.

In addition to protecting your privacy, this system allows us to efficiently retrieve information and communicate with your other health care providers. It also allows us to more efficiently access your information and provide better service to you.

The notice of health information/privacy practices below describes the personal health information we collect, and how and when we use or disclose that information. It also describes your rights as they relate to your personal health information as required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

After you read the notice below, please print out and sign the Patient Privacy Form, sign it and fax it to our office at (724)-933-3332 two days before your appointment. You may also bring it with you to your office visit or send it to us through your secure Patient Portal. This form acknowledges that you have been given the notice below, and have reviewed and understand our Patient Privacy policies. If you have questions, please contact our privacy officer at (724)-933-3300 or through your Patient Portal.

Patient Privacy Form